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The quality policy is an integral part of business policy of the organization and a framework for defining quality objectives, and based on the establishment of a marketing-oriented management system that continuously improves whose aim is the realization BUSINESS IZVRSNOSTI.U this purpose shall be determined by the following principles of quality policy:

1. Continuous improvement of service quality, based on respect for regulations, standards and requirements and needs of clients;

2. Competence and commitment to service quality management, process efficiency, innovative design solutions and profitability;

3. The technical superiority and innovation basics of competitiveness our Services;

4. Compliance function, design and process organization, the basics of the system orientation of our organization;

5. Expertise, motivation and stimulation of employees initiative;

6. Developing a culture of teamwork, the basis of successful project management-a;

7. Financial stability;

8. Focus on complex projects that require specialized knowledge and relevant professional licenses of employees and organizations to achieve competitive advantage;

9. Responsible attitude towards society and the environment, and safety, health and the application of ethical standards to employees;

10. Establishing a long-term cooperative relations for mutual benefit with partners and subcontractors in the business.

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Drvo AS

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069 2 77 33 33